Fly Fishing in Trysil.

First of all, all of ''our'' fish are native and wild. Although they do not have any specific characteristics like some native fish have, they all belong in Trysil. The diversity of waters and fish makes it possible for every kind of sport fisher to find his or her own kind of fishing in Trysil. We have the more favored fish like the Brown trout, the Artic Grayling which is our own Lady of the stream,  Artic Char and the White fish to fish at. Beside that Pike and Perch are also at our disposal.  We have more fish species but these are the most important ones.

Second of all, All these species of fish and different waters makes it very easy to fish with every technique  you would like , with the tenkara rod or the normal fly fishing rod. We have a tradition of wet flies, but dry fly fishing and czech nymphing are popular as well. And yes tandem fishing / New Sealand style is practised a lot as well.  Trysil is not an easy place to fish but it is not difficult either, it is often the situation that makes it difficult. Rainy, windy days are no exception and water levels differ from day to day. Local knowledge is a must to find the right places where you can apply the right technique to catch your fish.

And last but not least, you will not meet many fishermen in a district where a lot of people love to fish! We have a fishing map which shows you all the fishing spots. There are a lot more fishing spots available but the fishing spots on the map have all a good access- roads and a resting place. This, however, does not mean that you will meet a lot of fishermen. This is something which is absolutely perfect from Trysil.There are so many places to fish at during a day that you will not meet so much or no fishermen at all. And If you meet some fishermen at a  fishing spot you can walk a hundred metre up- or downstreams and the fishing will still be as good and you still have the feeling that you are completely alone in Trysil's nature! 

This is where Trysil excells; A lot of different species and waters so you can fish the way you want, every situation and weather type requires a different  approach so no day is the same, there are very few to no fishermen per fishing spot, a lot of different and beautiful surroundings while your fishing and Trysil requires all your knowledge about fishing so you get the best of results, which means that you can always learn more about fishing in Trysil.  And that is why I should recommend Trysil as your fishing destination!

Now you know why you should visit Trysil, but allow me to explain it a little bit more in debt.


 No matter what kind of fly fishing you practise in Trysil, you will always find the perfect spot for you. The district of Trysil consists of the main river Trysil Elva / Trysil River and its tributaries Elta and Flena. Trysil River is also connected to a huge lake just outside of the Trysil district which is called Engersjøen. Further op north the Trysil Elva changes its name into Femundselva. The Trysil Elva transforms often from a wild raging river into slow flowing parts and everything in between. Two famous spots are Strandvold brua and a part which is called for Sennsjøen. Strandvollbrua is a more wild piece of the river where as Sennsjøen lies between the mountains and shows you beautiful surroundings while you're fishing in a slow flowing almost lake like part of the river. both require a different approach and have their own charm.  

This is Sennsjøen a more calmer part of the river 

 This is Morsøybakken, definitely a wilder part of the river. 









The two tributaries Elta and Flena are two completely different tributaries. The Flena is difficult to reach at some places but more adventurous to go beside and fish at. You can catch a lot of fish but they will mostly be small ones. 



The Elta is one of my favorite tributaries because ''you'll never know what you gonna gett.''.  The creek runs out of Ertsjøen a small lake, and runs out in the Trysil Elva There are a lot of beautiful riffles and deep holes. Behind every rock can be a fish is definitely true here, then again you have to search for the fish. Although this is a tributary, there are medium sized fish to big fish to find here. Lets say that everything between 10 cm and the 45 cm is possible.  And also here you can practise a multitude of techniques. This is exactly what i like about this creek.  

Beside the riversystem of the Trysil Elva, there is a smaller riversystem which has its main river the Ljøra. The most important river that is connected to the ljøra is the smaller river Drevja which leads al the way to Drevsjøen which is just outside the Trysil District.

The main difference between these two riversystems is that the Trysil Elva is a wider and more wilder river. The Ljøra river system is a more delta like river  with a lot of slow flowing parts. But more upstream it changes more in a creak with beautiful, almost untouched pieces of pristine water.

When it comes to lake fishing are there some lakes that are known for their abilities of delivering some amazing hatches of the the biggest mayfly of them all; The Danica and the little smaller brother the Vulgata. One of the most known lakes is Landsjøåsen which can deliver some nice trout. The same goes for Eltsjøen but can deliver some great grayling fishing as well. Then there is a lake called Mjøllsjøen whcih is famous for its bad weather fishing. Go with a boat  or a belly boat on very windy days or rainy days and you will be surprised what you are able to get. Although this is not a garanty, unfortunately....These lakes are all good accesible. There are more lakes but these three are the most visited ones and easy accesible. There are also some ''hidden'' lakes in the middle of the forest which need some walking on the unwalked path and a map is good to have with you. but they can deliver you some great fishing. 

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